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Growing up in Granby CT, Chris has always been surrounded with a strong sense of community. In 2007 he decided to move to Northern Ireland and there he found his passion for food amongst all the local butcher shops, markets, and catches from the Irish coast. Chris returned to Connecticut in 2010 to attend culinary school and start his professional career.

After gaining in experience throughout the Connecticut and Boston areas in banquet catering, hotels, and fine dining Chris came to Firebox in 2016 with much excitement. Billings Forge’s stress on local products being used to help give back to the local area is something he prides himself on being a part of. Seeing the abundance of great products coming from the New England area gives a sense of excitement to the plates being produced every day.

Chris looks forward to creating new and exciting dishes that the Hartford area can enjoy and be proud of. As Sous Chef at Firebox he hopes to instill the same sense of community and family into the kitchen crew, which will ultimately lead to a great guest experience.