The Farm to Table movement advocates for a sustainable approach to agriculture and dining. At its core, the Farm to Table philosophy recognizes that there is, quite simply, tremendous value to eating locally.

There are varying opinions about what constitutes “local” but most agree that it means purchasing within a 100-mile radius. With this in mind, “eating locally” quickly translates into support for local economies. By choosing to buy from local farms and businesses, these businesses thrive. Instead of buying plastic-wrapped supermarket produce that has been shipped in from far away, “buying local” provides the opportunity to know where our food actually comes from and, further, fosters a sense of connection to the community in which it has been grown. Beyond this, eating locally also yields a smaller eco-footprint and a diminished human impact on the environment. Farm-fresh produce is harvested when it’s ripe and packed with nutrients, and doesn’t need to be sprayed with life-prolonging chemicals to prepare it for long-distance travel by land or air. Less traveling distance means reduced fuel consumption and decreased air pollution.

Eating locally also means eating seasonally. Here in New England, we feel those seasonal rhythms more than someplace like California where the moderate climate permits year-round growing. Eating locally-grown seasonal foods will always mean superior flavor and quality, reminding us that some things really are “worth the wait.” Contrast the flavor of a fresh, red, ripe tomato from the garden in late July to the flavor of a store-bought tomato in the middle of January. We believe that there’s simply no comparison.

For some, the Farm to Table philosophy is a trend. For Firebox, it’s at the core of who we are. We invite you to join us and taste the difference that “eating local” creates, and support the community in which we work, live, and invest.


Sweet Acre Farm
Lebanon, CT

Four Mile River Farms
South Lyme, CT

Sweet Pea Farm
North Granby, CT

Maple Knoll Farm
Somerville, CT

The Garden at Billings Forge
Hartford, CT

Mystic Cheese Co.
Lebanon, CT

Cato Corner Farms
Colchester, CT

DiFiore Pasta Shop
Hartford, CT

The Kitchen at Billings Forge/Hartford Public Library

Hartford, CT

Hartford Baking Co.
Hartford, CT

J. Foster Ice Cream
Avon, CT

Eddy Farm
Newington, CT

Creative Living Community
Manchester, CT

Farmer’s Cow
Lebanon, CT

Hartford, CT