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Jennifer began at a very early age to appreciate hard work and dedication with her family’s farm in Litchfield County and the Morgan show horses she was raised with. When Jen is not at the restaurant you can find her with the horses she owns and shows in competition. Her start on the restaurant journey began under the tutelage of Tom and Wendy Gailes with their two establishments, The Depot and Limey’s in Berkshire County. Jennifer has worked in some of the Hartford area’s best known restaurants since the late 90’s from Lily’s of the Valley and the Max Restaurant Group’s Max a Mia and Max’s Oyster Bar to Hot Tomato’s, and most recently, Rizzuto’s in West Hartford. Her passion and energy for the restaurant business was fueled by friend and mentor Jimmy “Cos” Cosgrove of Salute fame, when they worked together at Hot Tomato’s. He continues to inspire her to be a better manager, teammate and overall person everyday. Jennifer began in November 2014 at Firebox as the Bar Manager.

Together with the talent of the mixologist team already in place, they continued the tradition of innovation as they developed new cocktails weekly for patrons looking for the next “new” experience. Now at the helm of Firebox, Jennifer is helping to write the next chapter of this Farm-to-Table restaurant as well as the Billings Forge Community.